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My fascination with and interest in the captivating world of Dentistry led me to leave LANZAROTE for the city of Barcelona many years ago. I finished my degree at the University of BARCELONA, and despite my longing for the island of volcanoes, I decided to stay on and continue with my training to get started on my career path. I was lucky enough to do so under the tutelage of great colleagues who guided me and instilled in me, not only their knowledge, but also their PASSION for this profession.

During this time, I also discovered the fulfillment that one gets from collaborating with HUMANITARIAN AID ORGANIZATIONS such as Odontòlegs en Acció and Global Humanitaria or Forkids and PVS in countries such as Guatemala and India respectively. Not only was it a truly enriching experience for me, but it also taught me to treat other people HUMANELY and in a TRULY CARING WAY. Today, these values are the pillars upon which the philosophy of Dentsana Clinic rests on.